Matthias Rex 1458—1490. Hungary at the Dawn of the Renaissance

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Nicolae Constantinescu, Mathias Rex of Hungary, Stephen the Great of Moldavia, and Vlad the Impaler of Walachia: History and Legend

Jenő Farkas, Le dialogue entre le souverain et le vassal: Mathias et Vlad l’Empaleur

Igor Kercha, Age of Matthias Corvinus: A crucial period in Rusyn history

András Kovács, La memoria di re Mattia nella Kolozsvár del secolo XVI

Ildikó Kríza, Hungarian Matthias Cult in the 18th Century

Ioan-Aurel Pop, The Names in the Family of King Matthias Corvinus: From Old Sources to Contemporary Historiography

Vilmos Voigt, King Matthias in Hungarian and European Folklore

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