The Poetics of Multilingualism – La Poétique du plurilinguisme

International Colloquium, ELTE, Budapest, 4-5-6

In­ter­na­tional Col­loquium, Eötvös Loránd Uni­ver­sity, Bud­apest, 4-5-6 April 2013.

The goal of the con­fer­ence is to fo­cus on po­et­ical, met­rical, and lin­guistic prin­ciples in bi­lin­gual and mul­ti­lin­gual texts. It aims to present the in­ter­ac­tions of dif­fer­ent lit­er­ary tra­di­tions with their spe­cific con­straints, as well as the way mul­ti­lin­gual texts obey or op­pose es­tab­lished com­pos­i­tional rules and principles.