The MA in Renaissance Studies at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) is a dynamic, research-oriented Master’s program that was created in 2009 with the active collaboration of several departments at the Faculty of Arts. The main advantage of the program lies in its interdisciplinary nature. The MA focuses on covering the various aspects of the Renaissance in its entirety, including Renaissance history, arts, literature and music, by providing its students access to all related courses at the University. It offers students an opportunity to choose one or more thesis supervisors from various fields and departments.
The Center for Renaissance Studies (CHER – Centre des Hautes Études de la Renaissance) and the Department of Medieval and Renaissance Hungarian Literature act as the organizer of the MA program, which is currently housed at the Institute of Hungarian Literature and Culture.

Structure of the Program

The MA program in Renaissance Studies consists of general introductory courses such as Research methods, Paleography and Latin language, as well as individually chosen modules from the following disciplines: Art History, Dutch literature, English literature, French Literature, German literature, History, Hungarian literature, Italian literature, Philosophy, Portuguese literature, and Spanish literature. Students may choose one core module and up to two minor modules, the latter can also be substituted with a personalized schedule arranged with the assistance of a tutor. The program closely collaborates with the doctoral schools of ELTE, and students are encouraged to participate in the doctoral seminars held by our professors, offering the experience of a first-grade postgraduate research community.

International presence

The departments behind/participating in the MA Program in Renaissance Studies at ELTE have a long-lasting relationship with several renowned research institutes around the world such as the Centre d’Études Supérieures de la Renaissance in Tours, the University of Bologna, Florence, Naples and the ‘La Sapienza’ in Rome as well as Charles University in Prague. The Master’s program offers students an opportunity to spend at least one semester abroad at the above mentioned European universities.

Future prospects

In the near future the program is about to be expanded with new modules including Medieval Latin and Greek philology, Scandinavian Studies and Czech and Polish Studies. Furthermore we are looking forward to involve teachers from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Law in order to meet the needs of students who wish to specialize in the history of science or law. Our goal is to unite the University’s scientific and educational potential in the field of the Renaissance and Early Modern studies.


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